How Much Does Bypass Surgery Cost? 

How Much Does Bypass Surgery Cost? 

Surgery, of any kind, is known to be very costly. You’re paying for the surgeon’s expertise, the use of professional surgical equipment, and other expensive services. Depending on the type of surgery and what is involved, you may be looking at thousands of dollars (maybe even something closer to the hundred thousands.) 

With Bypass Surgery, you’re looking at an average of $40,000 in the United States (with prices varying based on your region and the facility you choose to handle the operation.) Prices may also vary depending on the age of the patient and how many bypasses are needed. 

Cost of Bypass Surgery During the 1990s 

One of the earliest comparative studies of the cost of bypass surgery was conducted in Canada. There, they discovered that the average cost of CABG surgery per patient was around $10,982 to $33,676. At the time, patients that were older or patients who needed multiple bypasses were asked for a lot more. 

Average Cost of CABG Surgery in the Early 2000s 

A prospective study conducted in 2005 broke down the hospital costs of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) for 103 patients from Brazil. From this study, emergency patients, patients who have other known heart conditions, and repeat patients were excluded to prevent any radical outliers.  

The study concluded that the average total cost of the procedure was around US$2,784.98 with a maximum of US$4,692.81. With the cost of bypass surgeries that required at least a triple bypass averaging only a few hundred dollars more. Of course, keep in mind, this study was conducted way back in Brazil during 2005.  

How Much Does Bypass Surgery Cost Now? 

As mentioned in the very beginning, the current average cost of a simple CABG surgery (without multiple bypasses) is around $40,000 in the United States. Of course, you may be expected to pay less depending on your insurance and the coverage that you have, but you should still expect to pay a couple of thousand dollars out of your own pocket.  

Conclusion: How Much Does Bypass Surgery Cost? 

The cost of bypass surgery is not easily quantifiable. For the most part, it depends entirely on your own circumstances. You’ll need to consider your age, the prestige of the facility you want to get your surgery from, the region it belongs to, whether you have any other pre-existing heart conditions, how many bypasses you might need, and so much more.  

If you’d like to know the hard numbers, you may want to discuss things with your own doctor and your own financial adviser. Outside of giving you a number based on your specific situation, they may also be able to help with how you can go about paying for your surgery. 


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